Teen titans song lyrics

teen titans song lyrics

Beast Boy version: Raven and Starfire sing this parody version in the episode " Artful Dodgers ". The Starthe fire, the live, the wire. Battle Remix Music Video. This song has a battle remix variantwhich is an altered version that the Titans sing during their final battle with Slade. Teen Titans Go! Oh the yes, indeed!

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Puffy Ami Yumi - Teen Titans (Theme Song) Lyrics

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Robin and Cyborg's lines are dubbed over by Lil Yachty in this version, but the characters are still shown saying them in the music video.

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GO! (battle remix)

Robin sang it while he was at the shower in the episode " Tower Power ", Cyborg joins him. Nah, Robin Robin's are large Cyborg: Booyah, booyah!

teen titans song lyrics
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